MiniRacingOnline 1.12c for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Kotai
  • Category:  Running
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SBK is a free racing game designed for multiplayer online games (MMOs). While playing, take part in exciting races, played on special tracks. Observe the action of the so-called. "Bird's eye" which allows us to conclude that we are dealing here with tournament-style Micro Machines. During the game can compete for up to 32 players simultaneously. Of course there is also the opportunity to play alone, but then compete with bots, controlled by a computer. For eager rivalry, prepared a number of different routes and wile hours of good, exciting fun. TrackMania is an option as the most remarkable.   Caution!   The download is available via download manager which is downloaded installation file game Minimum requirements: Processor: Unknown RAM: No data Graphics card: No data Free hard disk space: Not available Sound Card: No data